Updated 10/11/2020

Our Blacksburg Office is currently open Tuesday and Thursdays by appointment.

(NEWS) It is with great sadness that I announce that Victoria Stone has retired. The NRV massage community will miss her kindness, wisdom and expertise.


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We are dedicated to providing the most relaxing and therapeutic bodywork sessions available anywhere. We make appropriate use of heat and warm water in our work, and create a warm, safe, and nurturing experience that will facilitate injury healing, wellness in body & spirit . We are happy to coordinate our work with your other healthcare providers and will do medical massage by prescription from your PCP, and can provide receipts for your reimbursement by Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Worker’s Compensation, or Auto Insurance claims.

Rates (for info on the various services we offer click here)
$95/80 minutes or 1-1/4 hr
$100/90 minutes or 1-1/2 hr
$130 for Medical massage
$95/60 minute Watsu

Additional $15 for integration of hot stones into a session

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available and are a great way of saying happy birthday, thank you, congratulations or just about anything. We can Email them directly to you or call us and we’ll put one in the mail to you or send it directly to your special someone.

Overall Policies

Specific thunderstorm policy is listed for aquatic bodywork below; for more conventional bodywork services it is also important to observe the following: If you are in the first several days of a cold or flu, or even if you feel you may be coming down with a cold or flu, bodywork may make you feel worse; it is better to re-schedule your appointment. We do consider this an appropriate “emergency” cancellation. Toward the end of a cold, massage may make you feel better. If you have any significant changes in your health or well-being, please contact us to see if it's appropriate for you to come for your appointment.

Cancellations and No Shows

Clients are required to notify us 24 hours in advance in case they must cancel an appointment (48 hours in the case of Aquatic Bodywork) unless it is a bona fide immediate emergency; this gives other clients potential access to the appointed time. With less than 24 hour notice in a non-emergency situation the client is responsible for 50% of the charge for the appointment. In case of a client who gives us less than 2 hours notice or who simply does not show up for an appointment, the client is responsible for 80% of the charge for the appointment.

Thunderstorm Policy for the Pool

Thunderstorms are prevalent in Virginia during the spring and summer months. Lighting could pose a risk while in the pool. If the therapist observes lightning he/she may discontinue the session. If time allows the session will be postponed until the storm passes and the session will continue from the point it was interrupted. If this is impractical the following policy is followed: If the session is ended within fifteen minutes of the scheduled end time, the session will be considered complete for that day and the client is responsible for full payment; the additional fifteen minutes will be added to any future appointment(s). If a thunderstorm interrupts a session halfway through the time, the client will only be charged for one half session. If the session is interrupted within the first fifteen minutes no payment is required and the session will be rescheduled .